Jun 15, 2014

Query Kombat Round 2 Begins!

Round 2 HAS BEGUN!

Hop on over to Michelle's blog to see the other eight match-ups.

Before we begin, some reminders:

Reminders for the Entrants:

No commenting on your own entries! At ALL. Except for one big exception: We are human, we make mistakes. If you see something wrong with your entry such as a word that should have been italicized but isn't, or something else, first try to Tweet me @RavenousRushing (this is the best option). If you don't have a Twitter, comment on your entry telling me the mistake (but this way will be slower as I won't be checking the comments as much as Twitter, and also because your comment may be lost in a flood of judges' votes).

Also, we tried our hardest to make the match-ups as fair as possible and against as similar stories as possible. But, obviously, this is impossible to do perfectly and some match-ups may seen very random (they're not). We apologize for this but it's an evil of the system.

Reminders for the Judges:

Try waiting until after one of us hosts comments on each entry first and reply to that comment to cast your votes :) Try making your votes objective instead of subjective (but if you really love an entry subjectively, don't even feel bad about saying it was a subjective vote - subjectivity rules!).

Make sure to post under your nicknames!

And judges: seriously, thank you so, SO much for doing this. It's a very tough job (just wait until you start doing it!) and isn't for the faint-hearted.

Reminders for Everyone:

Try not to comment until after one of us hosts have made the first comment!

NOW THE FUN BEGINS!!! GO GO GO!!! We'll be Tweeting under #QueryKombat!

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