Jun 5, 2014

Query Kombat Round 1 Wrap Up

Well, Round 1 of this crazy contests officially ended last night. We promised blood, and blood there was.

A full 32 entries out of the 64 lost in a valiant fight - you should have seen us hosts and the judges freak out over Twitter and in the comments of the entries about how hard it was to choose.

For those 32: good job. You gave the judges a hell of a job. Hopefully you got some amazing feedback as well!


Below is the list of those who will go on to the next round. Let me know if we made any mistakes!

Make a Baby with Socks On
Attempting Average
She Wears Bruises Like Trophies
Reality Star
Beauty and the Crazy Kidnapper
Remember Me
Love is Hell
Can't Keep a Bad Girl Down
Burning Down the House
The Past is Back
Lavender Marriage
A Cozy for Geeks
Making Boys Cry
Have Sword, Will Travel
Guerrilla Geek
World on a String
Trailer Trap
Girl Destroys World
Star Light, Star Bright
RV Arya
Tag, You're Dead
Sunnyside Up
A Burning Dilemma
Caprice No. 13
Shalom Sasquatch
Mini Mutants
Maidens, Monks, & Murder
A Few Quick Hellos
Skateboarding Sherlock

Red: Team Michelle
Blue Team SC
Orange: Team Mike 

CONGRATS!!! Of course, we still have....

The Host Saves

These are three entries that we three hosts will pick from our teams to move on to the agent round but not on to Round 2. Check out Michelle's and SC's picks as well.

I picked my host save by which entry I thought was the most unique. There was no way I'd be able to choose based on my favorite, what I'd want to read the most, or what I think would get the most requests. That's just impossible from such a strong group of entries. So I went for the wildest, craziest, funnest entry I saw :)

My Host Save will be:

Memento Mori! Great Job!!!

For all other #Writerbees, fallen and standing, DON'T EVER GIVE UP!!!

For all the winners and the Host Saves:

You have until noon EST on Friday to send in your revisions to querykombat (at) yahoo (dot) com. You can revise any part of your entry and we recommend you use the suggestions you received in Round (and your gut, of course) to make the revisions!

Congrats everyone!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see you all at the agent round! Also: how was/is your experience in Query Kombat? Tweet and comment your thoughts, suggestions, and critiques. We'd love you imput to make QK bigger and better next year.


  1. Thank you, Michael! I appreciate all your work and your faith in us. The judges' and other Kombatants' comments have been so helpful, and I'm eager to see how my revised query strikes people in Round 2. This contest has been so helpful! No matter what happens in Round 2 I have a much stronger query moving forward in my career and I am very grateful for that. Thanks a million! (from, Tag, You're Dead)

  2. The feedback from round 1 was incredibly helpful!! Thank you, Michael for the opportunity, and thank you judges for your constructive criticism! Looking forward to Round 2! (Burning Down the House)

  3. Carol Ayer AKA Dead Princesses Don't KissJune 5, 2014 at 9:26 AM

    Thank you, Mike, for choosing me. Sorry I couldn't take home the win! Good luck to my teammates who will carry on!

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  5. Thanks so much for choosing me and all the valuable things I'm learning. I'm so excited about round 2 but also feel like vomiting at the same time! :) (AKA - You Can Make A Baby With Your Socks On)

  6. Thank you for the save!-Memento Mori