Nov 1, 2015

NoQS Wrap up 2015

HUGE thanks to the agents, mentors, entrants, and my wonderful co-host who helped make Nightmare on Query Street such an awesome and successful contest. We had a record number of requests this year. With 88 requests for the Monsters and 83 for the Minions, we more than doubled last years results.

For those who want stats, here's a blog breakdown:


Screams: 25
Shrieks: 43
Shivers 20
Total: 88 requests

Most requested: The Stolen Girl 


Screams: 30
Shrieks: 40
Shivers: 13
Total: 83

Most requested: The Mechanic

Once again, thanks for such an awesome year. If you're working on a new project, don't forget about Query Kombat in June 2016 and Nightmare on Query Street next year! Hope you had a safe and happy Halloween!