Jan 5, 2014

Satellite Hearts (One on One Contest)


Dear Pooja Menon:

Sixteen-year-old Zahra Mbali has 150 days until her preprogrammed body explodes.

Zahra’s country, Botswana, is populated by programmable humans. She’s different; she is a treasured soldier, one designed to kill. Considered valuable military weaponry, the government relocates her to a boarding school in South Africa to train her as their soldier; one that kills programmed humans incompliant to the system. But the system is unaware of her timed detonation and its malware effect.

Unbeknownst to her society, her world is a computer program designed by her father and run by a government agent. A system administrator is constantly tweaking their subroutines, and no one knows of life outside the program, and if they have a physical body. Feeling betrayed, Zahra’s desperate to uncover why the father she loved deceived her and made her a monster. Her only way out is to discover the secret memories her father deleted from her and to reprogram her body to stop her timed explosion. But tampering with her biological technology is risky.

One mistake could end her life but Zahra wants to live…outside the program.

SATELLITE HEARTS, a YA sci-fi, thriller, is a multicultural novel complete at 98,000 words. It can be described as The Matrix meets Debra Driza’s Mila 2.0.

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  1. I like this one so much that I'm giving you 2 votes.