Jan 5, 2014

Daughter of Lilith (One on One Contest)


Dear Pooja Menon:

Daughter of Lilith is a 71K young adult, paranormal stand alone with series potential novel.

Sixteen year old, Ariel is a daughter of Lilith, the biblical first wife of Adam. As a half-demon, she rips souls from the living as casually as one orders coffee at Starbucks.

Her upbringing tells Ariel humans are a worthless blight on the world. But when an accident leaves her stranded, minister’s son Mike Flannery goes beyond the call of duty to help.

Getting to know him, she realizes she’s only a puppet used to carry out her mother’s petty vendetta against humanity. She vows never again to be manipulated. Mike’s infatuation for her leads him to offer his help. But leaving the family business isn’t as easy as giving two-weeks’ notice.

Now the target of a blood hunt, Ariel sees letting Mike into her life is endangering his. In order to keep them safe, she must confront her personal demons, both internal and external, and trust those she spent her life seeking to destroy.

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  1. I'm fascinated by this one. Great premise and voice. One vote.