Jan 4, 2014

Marked (One on One Contest)


Dear Pooja Menon:

Lexi Ripley doesn’t do bloodshed. She’s co-president of her high school PAW Club, loves all things animal, and hates anything that brings people or creatures harm. When the family secret turns out to be a heritage of monster slaying, her birthright goes against her beliefs.

Her family’s legacy was forged centuries ago, when the Brotherhood swore to defend mankind from rogue paranormals. From that moment, sons of the eight bloodlines have answered the call with pride. Now, with the death of her Uncle Lucas, a daughter is Marked. It’s unprecedented and unacceptable. She’s not the chosen one; she’s an accident.

Lexi is plagued by visions of bloody battles, despairing dreams of loves lost, and stuck with a few jerks who refuse to take the “No Girls Allowed” sign off the entrance to their secret hideout. Worse, she senses danger watching, looming in wait, but the warriors won’t listen to her. The Brotherhood’s patriarchal practices may deem her unworthy, but this…thing, whatever it is, doesn’t care about their judgments. It’s closing in, and with it, the evil that killed her predecessor.


  1. Wow, wow, wow. What put me over the top and made me have to vote for this one is your MC who is co-president of the animal lovers club. And she's going to find out that she has to kill monster animals. This is too good. But...I really wanted to vote for Pirate's Daughter. You barely edged it out for my final vote.

  2. You nailed my one vote with "she's an accident".

  3. I love stories like this. One vote!

  4. Sounds like a kick-a** heroine. One vote!