Jan 5, 2014

One on One Voting Instructions.

Edit: Please vote in the comments section of the particular query you are voting for. Sorry about the confusion.

The top ten have been chosen! Now, it's up to the ten of you to choose who will be numero uno.

Each of you have a total of THREE votes. You can spend them in anyway you wish, but you CAN NOT vote for yourself. If there are any ties, I will cast the tiebreaker. All votes must be in by noon on January 14th. Good luck!

I wonder who will win...

Edit: If I made a mistake on your entry, let me know A-SAP.


  1. Voting is done on the blog? Vote anonymously or with name? Can I add my word count to mine? I sent you an email. Thanks.

  2. Wow, this is tough. I've read them all through a couple of times and found things in all of them that I like. But, okay, we signed up for this, so I guess I'll woman up and go first.

  3. Best of luck brave adventurer. I have your back if things get rough. Happy voyaging.

  4. Ha, ha. It is done. I really wish I could have had four votes. The Pirate's Daughter would have received it. I don't think I ever want to be an agent...

  5. I got a note that my query was in the top ten, but I don't see it. Did I miss it?

  6. Email me at catchyemailtitle (at) yahoo dot com so I can get this sorted out.