Oct 30, 2017

NoQS Agent Round: Fighting Clichés

Genre: Middle Grade Comedic Fantasy
Word Count: 60,000

My MC and MA (main antagonist) are dressed as:

Brianna walks into the party dressed as the villain because Kriqir will refuse to dress as anything other than himself, therefore, they're dressed as the same person, and Brianna ultimately annoys Kriqir


In the world of Novella, characters wait for an adventure worthy enough to use one day to find an author to write their story. Thirteen-year-old Brianna has daydreamed of what her story might entail, only to be disappointed with the greatest letdown of her life: A cliché adventure.

She’s the “Chosen One” of an ancient prophecy, forced to hunt for dragon treasure to overthrow a villain in a tower–– with the help of two hot rebels and a wizard mentor (of course). Tangled in love triangles, elf parties, heir trials, and every dull incident possible, her resumé for becoming a character is stained, lessening her chance of having her adventure written into a novel when she pitches it to authors.

Her only hope to stand out as an original character is to ruin her own story. If she doesn’t find a way to alter the plot of the journey to attract a writer, she could be stuck working in a one-shot-fluff fanfiction theater for the rest of her life. But, doing so comes with challenges–– like the fact that if she doesn’t complete her designated prophecy, the dark overlord will kill her.

First 250:

Brianna did not live in a hole in the ground, nor in a massive palace, thank goodness. She lived in a cottage on white cliffs overlooking the ocean. Her home bordered a desert, the ocean, and a forest, putting her in the center of her own world. It gave her a special place to be found by adventurers.

Cool mist swept over the balmy afternoon. She left her father’s camels at the edge of the yard, the empty feed bucket her legs and skirt with hollow thunks. Brianna watched her boots for stray, peculiar photographs, maps, or obscure trinkets in the grass. Nothing but twigs and camel manure met her heels.

Hopefully, something unusual happened soon.

It had to.

After all, anything odd could be the beginning of an adventure.

Camels huffed nervously behind her in the yard. Something crossed the front lawn. She paused between the camel-pen and cottage.

 A strange fellow with a feathered face, a purple tailcoat, and yellow boots stepped onto her family’s front porch.

Squeaks of protest rang from the front door as Mother rushed from the house, wringing her hands in her apron. Scents of fresh taffy emanated from the kitchen behind her.

Brianna joined her mother and the visitor, her boots clomping on the porch. Her cheeks stung from grinning too hard. Her heart sped, hope spreading warmth through her veins. Non-human creatures rarely came to Adventuras Island––unless they needed someone to take on an adventure.

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  1. I’m SHRIEKing! I would love to read more. Please send me the first 50 pages and a 1-page synopsis through this online form and enter “NoQs” for the query contest name: http://ow.ly/Qlqd30eY2ww
    Looking forward to reading!