Oct 24, 2013

SNOW FALLING: Adult Fantasy

Genre: Adult Fantasy
Word Count: 95,000

My Main Character's Greatest Fear:

My main character's greatest fear is that her children will be murdered by their half-sister.


Dear Nightmare on Query Street Team,

When Anastasia married the king, she swore off the crumbling remains of her family and the dark magic that plagued their reputation. But she and her children quickly become subject to her tyrannical step-daughter, Snow White. Snow is the king’s heir, and pursues her destiny with ruthless ambition. Now, Anastasia’s mirror shows her a gruesome vision: her husband dead, her children in chains, and Snow White leading the nation to war.

Through that magic mirror, Anastasia witnesses Snow White aligning herself with rebels and assassinating the king. She vows to rid the kingdom of Snow White and sabotage the revolution. However, after the first assassin falls in love with the princess and the second finds himself garroted in the woods, Anastasia resorts to her only remaining option. She turns to her family and puts the future of the kingdom in the hands of a vengeful sorceress, her aunt Noita.

Disguised by dark magic, Anastasia sets out to poison the princess. Entrenched in rebellion headquarters, trying to gain Snow White’s trust, she uncovers a darker plot, one that requires her to get her hands bloodier than she expected. A lot bloodier. It turns out Noita doesn’t work for free – not even for family.

SNOW FALLING is a standalone title, but is also the first book in a set of companion novels titled LEGENDS AND LIES, in which the traditional villains of popular fairy tales tell their side of the story. SNOW FALLING is an adult fantasy complete at 95,000 words.

I have blogged for five years, amassing over three hundred thousand pageviews, and write for FamilyShare.com. I am the vice-president of American Night Writers Association chapter, and administrator for the Mormon Mommy Writers’ online community.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

First 250 Words:

Marrying the king meant I’d been given a whole bunch of privileges. Unfortunately, smacking some sense into his daughter was not on the list. She was the princess, and the law decreed I – along with everyone else – had to put up with whatever she dished out. But since she was my stepdaughter, and we lived under the same roof, I had to put up with a lot more than anyone else.

“I cannot believe you are picking that witch of a woman over me again!” Her screech carried through the marble palace, though not one of my servants batted an eye.

Richard and I were preparing for our annual tour of Envidia and less than twenty-four hours before we were scheduled to be in a heavily armed carriage, Snow White was pitching a royal fit. Right on schedule. Even if her shrieking had not given me a colossal headache, I would have been in a right foul mood. I was less enthused about the trip than usual, since this was the first time I’d leave my children behind. Each spring since I married, I tore myself from the comforts of palace life and trekked about the kingdom, eating peasant food and pretending to be pleased with it. I’d suffered the trip twice while pregnant, and now my boys were out of toddlerhood and deemed “ready” to be away from their mother for an extended period of time. But no matter how tedious the tour was, Snow wanted to be a part of it.


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