Oct 24, 2013


Title: PRIME
Genre: NA Sci Fi
Word Count: 61,000

My Main Character's Greatest Fear:

Ravin’s greatest fear is that she caused her mother's death.


Dear Awesome Agent,

After the sale of body parts was legalized biology became the new currency. A finger can buy more food than a dollar ever could and a full arm can secure your future.

A person’s body is their potential, but Ravin hates her body. She’s still comprised of original parts which makes her a freak. And the fact that those original parts are covered with tribal scars, received as punishment for crimes against her tribe, makes Ravin untouchable.

When she is harvested for full-body recycling she’s prepared for an auction where wealthy citizens bid on new bodies. To Ravin’s shock, the citizens love her tribal markings and a bidding war erupts. She’s thrilled with the attention until she learns she’s been sold to a woman dying of a terminal illness.

Terrified by the thought of swapping from a flawed body to a dying one, she’s forced to partner with Thorn. He’s dirty and rough but he’s escaped before. When their escape plan fails, Ravin must test the limit of what her body can endure to save them both, or die trying.

PRIME is a New Adult Sci Fi, with strong Romantic elements, complete at 61,000 words.

First 250 words:

Before the sun came up my brother, Sam, changed his life forever. He traded two fingers on his left hand for food.

Food I was accused of stealing.

“Why would I steal anything Sam bought with his own flesh?” I asked through clenched teeth.

Ashley, my accuser, paced between me and the rest of the clan that gathered for the trial. “I don’t claim to understand your criminal ways, Ravin."

I shook my head. None of this makes sense. Sure, I’d broken a few rules in the past. And yes, everyone blamed me for my mother’s death, but stealing food? That was ridiculous.

I looked to my father. As the leader of the Dayton clan he could end this.“Ravin,” My father said, a deep crease between his eyebrows. “The punishment for food theft is exile.” His hands, turned up and open, looked frail in his lap.

I stared at him, mouth open. “I would never." Didn’t they know that? I balled my ten fingers into two fists at my side.

Sam’s sacrifice was huge but it wasn’t rare. After the Biological Trading Act passed people with missing limbs, or different color limbs, were normal. Fashionable, even.

Members of the Dayton clan were encouraged to Trade fingers on their non-dominant hand for the good of the group. But I haven’t. I’m all-original which puts me deep in the heart of freak territory.

Freak, yes. Thief, no. I crossed my arms and raised my chin. “What proof do you have?”


  1. What a different concept!! SHIVER!! (Please send the pages/pitch/synopsis to pooja@kimberleycameron.com)

  2. I'll shriek for this one! Please send a query and ten pages to molly [@] foliolit.com.

  3. SHRIEK!! Something about swapping body parts for things you need is shocking and creepy . . . and awesomely entertaining to read about! Please send to clelia@martinliterarymanagement.com. Thanks!

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