Oct 24, 2013

MIDDLE SCHOOL MAFIA: MG Contemporary Humor

Genre: MG Contemporary Humor
Word Count: 38,000

My Main Characters Greatest Fear:

Deech’s fear comes from several different places. The fear of a new town, a new school, and the fear that he’s not going to make friends like the ones he had back home.
But because of the circumstances, Deech’s greatest fear is that the bad guys who are after his family will somehow see past the new names, trace them to the town the U.S. Marshall has hidden them in, and come get his dad.

But on the plus side, he has seen Home Alone like a thousand times.


Dear Ms./Mr. Agent

Thirteen-year old Deech Rosselli and his family are placed into Witness Protection in a town run by a U.S. Marshall, seven hundred and thirty two miles away from home. Deech gets a new name, new friends, and a whole new set of problems as the middle school is filled with mini mobsters, all imitating what they've seen their parents do over the years

Deech makes friends quickly and finds himself thriving among forgers, bookmakers, hackers, enforcers, munitions experts, and even the random arsonist as the kids form families of their own during recess.
When the disenchanted principal, himself a former marshall, snitches on the whereabouts of the Rossellis, Deech and his new friends put together a plan that will trap the principal and capture the mob boss and the men that come looking for them.
A combination of the Sopranos meets Home Alone; MIDDLE SCHOOL MAFIA is 38,000 words of family comedy where the term family has a whole new meaning.

I am a member of SCBWI and two critique groups. I’m working on getting my Masters in English Literature with a concentration in Fantasy.
Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

First 250 Words:

After a very long drive, my dad finally slowed down in the middle of nowhere. Looking out the window at the neatly trimmed lawns, and well-kept houses, I quickly realized there wasn't a satellite dish in sight.
I can see it now, I thought as we swung around another corner. Deech Rosselli, age twelve found dead after being placed in Witness Protection. The cause of death wasn’t a snitch giving up the Rosselli’s whereabouts and the bad guys finding them, but rather a fatal case of boredom. Rosselli passed while sitting on the couch, staring at the TV, remote in hand, waiting for his new podunk little town to get DirecTV.
My daydreams were interrupted by my dad yelling, “HOLD ON,” as our Jeep came to a screeching halt less than three feet from the back of the moving truck parked in front of our new house.
DAD!” Angie, my sixteen-year-old sister shrieked, jamming her feet into the back of my dad’s seat, bracing for impact after the Jeep had already stopped. As usual she’d been playing on her iPhone, oblivious to anything that wasn’t on her screen.
“What are you putting your feet up for, knucklehead?” I asked her. “You're still crunched if dad hits the back of that truck. Only thing you can do at that point is hope the hospital you’re being rushed to has Wi-Fi.”
“I’ve only been hoping for one thing the last thirteen years,” she hissed after she put her feet back down on the floor, “but you’re still here.”


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