May 4, 2014

The Journey Continues

So you know how people say self-publishing is time consuming and difficult? It is. But don't get me wrong, I'm having a blast!

I never imaging how many subjects I had to become a professional in during my journey to self-publishing. Not only that, but there are sooo many little things that are just so tedious and boring, but they must be done (Like adding tags to all my blog posts. *le sigh)

I've got about a month left before my novel, My Best Friend Death, hits Amazon, and I'm on cloud nine right now, but this next month will be hell. Not only am I working on edits and retouching my novel before a final proof, but I also have to juggle Query Kombat, which will start soon. Throw in working on my site, two jobs, and my personal life, and you can see why I'm spread thing.

Going though and accepting or rejecting edits to my novel is easy... but time consuming. My editor is amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Her edits are insightful, well researched, and clearly written. She takes the time to explain why she made specific edits, and is incredibly supportive of indie authors. She also gave me some invaluable advice. Because of the content and subject matter in my story, she recommended I add this disclaimer to my blurb on Amazon: *This book contains strong subject matter that may not be appropriate for some readers, including suicide, school violence, and teen alcohol and drug abuse.*

I would never have thought to do that, but it's brilliant. That simple sentence could save me from bad reviews by readers who don't like the subject matter.

As for the cover design... I am bouncing off the walls right now. I couldn't have imagined a better cover if I tried. She's going to get back to me early next week with a mock up including some suggests I made.

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