Jul 2, 2013

QK Top 16: MG Fantasy/Adventure

Entry Nickname: Troglin Snot
Word Count: 54,000
Genre: MG Fantasy/Adventure


Being thirteen and without a dad sucks. Asher would do anything to see his father just one more time, but he knows that won't happen. His dad died three years ago and it's been nothing but memories ever since. But when a sword-wielding wall of pecs named Gareth shows up and saves Asher from a creature right out of a midnight monster movie, the moppy-haired seventh grader gets handed some news that's better than a hundred free rolls of tokens at the arcade.

Asher learns his dad's actually alive and being held captive by Lord Balor – a slimy dad-nabber who's hiding in Eden Worn, a magical world hidden behind the middle school’s boiler room.

Asher can't understand why anyone would steal his father, but he’s determined to find out. That is if he can make it through the horde of Grimhounds, army of bloodthirsty Troglins, and ten thousand miles of death in his way. Along with Gareth and two loony enchanters, Asher launches a rescue mission as epic as it is insane. If he fails, he can kiss ever seeing his dad – and returning to his own world – goodbye.

FIRST 250:

The straight razor made a satisfying snikt as Asher freed the blade from its metal handle.

He used to enjoy that sound.

Just holding his dad's old blade was a kick in the gut. He loved how his dad would set him on the sink and let him pretend-shave with a spoon. But three years of living off nothing but memories still hurt.

No need to start boo-hooing about it now, though. Today was Asher's birthday. Big 13. Officially a teenager. And if what Em told him was true, a thick mask of facial hair was just a few shaves away.

Asher adjusted his little finger on the curvy end of the handle and glanced up at the foam-covered face staring back at him in the mirror. He let out a long breath, sending a small wad of froth flying out of his nostril.

He pressed the blade against his face and a white-hot pinch seared his chin. Asher sucked in a quick breath, dropping the razor in the sink. A tiny bead of blood stained the shaving cream under his lower lip a pale pink.

"Seriously?" Round one with the razor and he nearly sliced his head in half. It was pointless. He washed off his face, hating the idea that he'd spend the first day of his teenage career looking just like he did when he was a kid: hairless and unmanly. And now reeking of his mom's Pink Mango-Splosion Lady Lather.


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