Jun 8, 2016

Agent Round Host Save: Adult Contemp. Romance - Blue Harmony

Title: Blue Harmony
Entry Nickname: Sit, Stay, Heal
Word Count: 80K
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance


For Mandy, there is certainly nothing typical about this Monday morning.  Not only does she get laid off from her job, she returns home to find her husband in bed with one of her best friends. Soon afterward, mutual friends introduce her to Nick, a fun, flirty, slightly awkward guitarist. She’s intrigued, yet leery. With her sanity in question and her heart in shreds, when Nick begins actively pursuing her, she would be wise to forget all about him and instead focus on finding a new job.

She never claimed to be wise.

Determined to stay positive while plodding through divorce proceedings, Mandy reinvents herself by channeling her love of dogs into a brand new career.  She opens Sit & Stay Pet Sitting, expecting it to be as easy as woof-2-3 but she doesn't count on disappearing dogs, crafty cats and quirky clients. Even with a fun new job, her chaotic love life still needs help.  Her ex’s betrayal continues to wreak havoc with her self-esteem at the same time lusty Nick leaves her begging for more.

If she could just forgive her ex, and herself, she might find some peace. Her heart needs time to heel, er -- heal, before she commits to a new love, but her head keeps getting in the way.  Especially after her ex delivers one last blow right before the final court date, she wonders if she’s even ready to run with the big dogs, or if she’s better off staying on the porch.

First 250:

Corporate restructuring…”

My ankle twists. I wince, crash-landing into my car. The heel of my Manolo wedges into the sewer grate, mocking me as it snaps, flailing like a salmon beneath my sole.

Cuts in the budget…”

I reach down and tear the rest of the shoe off. Fumbling with the keys, I sink into the seat, fling the useless shoe onto the floor and allow the tears to crash down my face. Stupid shoe.

Position eliminated due to downsizing…I’m sorry.”

The final words of The Grim Reaper from HR loop through my mind on perpetual replay while I sulk behind the wheel. Canned. Axed. Laid off. It really doesn’t matter. I’m jobless. I had shuffled into work expecting a brainstormy morning of editing my presentation but instead shuffled out the door, my tail wedged firmly between my legs. Stupid job.

Forcing a few deep breaths, I maneuver into traffic. Patti, one of my three best friends, isn’t answering her phone. I curse as I careen through a stale yellow light and nearly hit a pedestrian, who thrusts a perhaps well-deserved middle finger in my direction.

I’ve already been fucked once this morning, thank you very much. Right about now, crawling back into bed with Joe while he sleeps off a migraine seems like my best option. When I pull in, I’m surprised to find my garage door up. Grabbing my mug, my shaky hand tips and drips the last of the coffee sludge onto my skirt. Screw this whole day so far!


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