Jun 21, 2014

Query Kombat Round 3 Begins


Below you will find the 8 match-ups for Round 3 of Query Kombat 2014. Once again, here are the match-ups.

Lavender Marriage VS Make a Baby with Socks On

Can't Keep a Bad Girl Down VS  Making Boys Cry

Beauty and the Crazy Kidnapper VS Love is Hell

WEEL VS Tag, You're Dead

BingBamBoomBFF VS Star Light, Star Bright

World on a String VS Girl Destroys World

Shalom Sasquatch VS A Burning Dilemma

A Cozy For Geeks VS Maidens, Monks, and Murder

Round 3 will run through June 23rd.


Comments are still set to moderation in order to protect the agent requests. Thus, your comments and votes won't publish right away. Throughout the day, SC will periodically go through and publish the comments - He'll be tweeting at @SC_Author to tell you guys when he's publishing them and who been voting.

Best of luck combatants!

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