Jul 15, 2013

Wings and a Halo

The sudden death of Cory Monteith (31) surprised and shocked me to the point that I'm still questioning whether or not today is really real. For those of you who don't know who I'm talking about, Cory is an uber talented singer and actor who rocketed to stardom via the role of Finn Hudson on the hit series Glee.

I started watching the show because I love music, expression, and pretty women. I continued watching it because it evolved into something much more than that. It became a movement. The show taught me and countless others to be ourselves, and accept others for who they are without question or passing judgement. It taught me to fight for my dreams, that it's okay to lose yourself, and that falling in love (or in like) means opening yourself up to being hurt AND opening yourself up to the very best life can offer.

The show taught me to be okay with me. And you. Andyouandyouandyou.

Cory Monteith helped teach me those lessons. He influenced my thoughts that turned to words that turned to stories that turned to characters that comprise each of my novels. He (and the rest of the cast) made me, my writing, and my life better. He was my hero.

Thank you, Cory. Your life and deeds have made the lives of countless others so so SO much better. Thank you for being fearless and teaching me to be the same. Thank you for being a gentlemen and giving me model to strive towards.

Thank you for being good. You made this world better.

You are loved, remembered, and missed. May your soul fly with angels tonight.


  1. I spent Sunday looking at pictures, videos, and hashtags. That was my boy, and I was looking forward to him and Lea being together forever. :(