May 25, 2013

QK First Round Match-Ups

Once again, congrats and good luck to everyone who made it into the first round. Below you will find the tournament bracket with first round match-ups. Honestly, I have no idea who will make it into the next round. There are just so many exceptional entries!

Though entries are going head to head, this is a friendly competition. We don't mind banter but please keep it lighthearted. We don't want hurt feelings or bruised pride.

As you all know, the first round begins on May 28 on Michelle's blog. Please refrain from leaving comments until all match-ups (32 total) and the judging comments are posted.

Feel free to shout out your entry name on twitter and look for your competition. Who knows, maybe you'll become best of writerly buddies :D

Or mortal enemies...

and then writerly Romeo and Juliet...sorta

Anyway, here you are!

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  1. Hi, I have followed our blog and would love a more indept crit of my query. I need all the help I can get. Thanks so much for the twitter offer. Boba Fett22 - NA Romantic Suspense - Ambushed by Love

  2. I'd be happy to have some in depth feedback as well please. My entry is The Swimmer. And thanks for running this contest, it's been fun so far (getting a little nerve wracking with the head to head match-ups ahead though)

  3. Hello, I follow your blog and twitter and would love a query critique. Thanks for the help.
    TexasLegend- YA urban fantasy- Common Blood
    And thanks for all the hard work on the contest and helping out us newbie writers.
    You're the best!